A Tale of Two Fabrics

Anyone who sews, who really understands how garments are constructed, will tell you that fabric is everything. Some designers start with the fabric first, some with the design first, but it's the marriage of the perfect fabric with the right design that truly makes a garment sing. 

The Penn Cardigan is my bestseller for a reason. It's incredibly stylish, goes with everything and is supremely comfortable to boot. The original is perfectly slouchy and nubbly and warm. The wool version is more structured, preppy and even warmer than the original.

Call me biased, but I think each one deserves its rightful place in your wardrobe. I mean, how else are you going to combat the aggressive air conditioning in the office?

The Penn Cardigan in Wool

The Penn Cardigan in Linen Blend Knit

Favorites: The Ella Tie-Neck

My obsession with tie-neck blouses started sophomore year in college when I spotted a gold silk tie-neck blouse while out shopping and then spent the ride home kicking myself for not bringing it home with me. Lucky for me, I have amazing friends and I happened to have a birthday coming up, so you can guess what happened next.

Lately, my favorite way to way my Ella tie-neck is loose and untied. It's simple, just leave the top button or two undone and let the ties hang loose. It's the perfect combination of casual, yet still put together.

For a variation on this look, just loosely loop the ends through each other - this is helpful if you find the ties are getting in your way.

Of course, you can always button up and tie a bow for a great polished look. I personally find that the "bunny ears" method creates the most attractive bow.

What are some of your favorites ways to wear the Ella tie-neck?

Favorites: The Whitney Blouse

As a consumer I always want to know more about what I'm buying. So I'm starting up this favorites blog series to talk about my favorite designs and give a you a bit more insight into my thought process.

My wardrobe go-to has always been the buttondown blouse. Simple, chic, and versatile. It's the closest thing I have to a uniform. I could easily show up to work every day with the Whitney blouse tucked into a pair of perfectly distressed jeans; accented with a calf-hair belt and low-heeled booties.

I knew when I designed the Whitney blouse, I wanted to add a touch of drama with a slightly higher standup napoleon collar. I'm a sucker for subtle details (they just make everything a little more special), so I added blue-gray accents along the inner placket and collar band.

Then there's the fit. It's tailored but with enough ease to make you feel sexy, not buttoned up. It's the perfect length for tucking in or leaving out and it's great layered or on its own. It's sheer in the way that white silk blouses tend to be sheer, but nothing a nude bra can't fix. In short, it's the blouse I searched everywhere to find, but couldn't, so I designed it myself.

 pc: James Liu

pc: James Liu